Conjugated p-electron system group

 (Solid State Photo-Physics, Yoshizawa Group)            


   Organic materials with conjugated p-electrons have much interests because they are model compounds of low-dimensional systems. Moreover, they make higher order structures. For example, LH2 complex in bacterial photosynthesis (Left Figure) has a beautiful ring structure. A carbon nanotube can encapsulate other molecules (Center Figure). We are investigating ultrafast dynamics in the complex systems to find new optical functions.

@We are developing femtosecond spectroscopies to measure ultrafast phenomena in the conjugated p-electron systems. Using tunable multi pulses, a proper state in the material can be selectively excited by linear and nonlinear photoexcitation. The dynamics following the excitation are measured using femtosecond absorption, fluorescence, and Raman spectroscopies. 

@E2009.4.1 New HP is open.